Think Like a Puppy | The anti bullying song about respect, tolerance and acceptance


The Growth Mindset Song (I HAVE A GO)
Music Video

LOVE this growth mindset song from @ihaveago

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Your brain can


Learn how with Neuron Song.

Neuron Song | Growth Mindset and Neuroplasticity for Kids

I HAVE A GO - Neruon Buddies

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It's our new favourite! Thank you!

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Thumpalina the Kangaroo Ballerina
Music Video

I HAVE A GO - ABC NEWS - Matthew Braithwaite and Sean Braithwaite singing and dancing with kids

Matthew Braithwaite is new kid on the block in Australian children's music scene



I HAVE A GO - thumpalina the Kangaroo Ballerina Dancing

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Matthew Braithwaite - Dancing to the Beat of His Own Drum - southern Life Magazine

Inspired by experiences working with children’s charities around the world, Matthew Braithwaite began writing meaningful songs that children could relate to; songs that didn’t steer away from the struggles children encounter as they live, learn and grow.

Matthew collaborated with his younger brother, Sean Braithwaite, to compose a rich musical experience, brought to life by world-renowned musicians


Transform any floor into a dance floor and get your groove on with these music videos from I HAVE A GO.

music videos

I HAVE A GO - Performing at Suneden Special School - Matthew Braithwaite - Sean Braithwaite - Growth mindset songs for kids

Mathew Braithwaite Jumping with Balloons in front of Shanghai Skyline

I HAVE A GO - Bruno and Tennis Ball

Follow the worldwide adventures of I HAVE A GO and Bruno the French Boston from China!


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I HAVE A GO - Harry Wombat Building a Sandcastle

I HAVE A GO - Live at South East X South West - Burst into song and your life becomes a musical - Growth mindset for kids

Download printable lyrics and sing along with all your favorite growth mindset songs from I HAVE A GO. Because when you sing your life becomes a musical!


I HAVE A GO - Ollie the Sugar Glider

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Live Show in Australia

Check out these highlights from I HAVE A GO performing live at the South East X South West music festival in South Australia.