I HAVE A GO is a musical celebration of childhood challenges and growth, using innovative songs and videos to support the development a growth mindset.

Many teachers and parents seek inspiring resources to teach children about growth mindset.

Whether you’re a teacher striving to encourage a growth mindset in your classroom or a parent exploring ways to help your child develop a growth mindset, I HAVE A GO have created engaging and energising entertainment for children that develops their perception of their struggles, successes, capabilities and potential.

Here you'll find innovative and accessible growth mindset videos for children that utilise the power of music to enhance emotional and cognitive responses.

Fixed Mindset

My abilities are fixed traits.

Growth Mindset

My abilities can be developed with dedication and effort.

Inspired by his experiences working with children’s charities around the world, Matthew Braithwaite began writing meaningful songs that children could relate to; songs that didn’t steer away from the struggles children encounter as they live, learn and grow.

Matthew collaborated with his younger brother, Sean Braithwaite, to compose rich musical compositions, which were brought to life by world-renowned musicians under the expert direction of renowned children’s music producer, Robin Gist.

The debut, self titled, album from I HAVE A GO has gone on to achieve a worldwide audience through leading children's radio networks across the U.S., the U.K., Australia and the U.A.E.

Songs to Develop Growth Mindset

Following the albums release, a primary school teacher contacted Matthew to thank him for creating songs that could be used to develop growth mindset with her primary school students. Unfamiliar with the term ‘growth mindset’, Matthew began to research it's meaning and it's founder, Carol Dweck - Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. The findings resonated with Matthew and reflected the beliefs that inspired his songs. It is a wonderful occurrence that I HAVE A GO is now being used by teachers and parents around the world to facilitate growth mindset discussions, activities and strategies, with children.

The Braithwaite Brothers

Matthew Braithwaite & Sean Braithwaite - Develop Growth Mindset - Songs for Children

Brothers, Matthew and Sean Braithwaite grew up in a small town situated on the slopes of a dormant volcano in Southern Australia.

Although they shared a room growing up, they didn't begin writing songs together until 2009, when Matthew was living in Shanghai and Sean was living in Adelaide.

'Energetic' and 'optimistic' are probably the two best words to describe Matthew. He's lived in five different countries over the past decade, working with various international children's charities and global brands, even picking up an international design award in Manhattan along the way.

I HAVE A GO was created as a result of Matthew's passion for inspiring children to achieve their potential.

Sean developed a love for music at an early age and this passion has remained with him ever since. An accomplished pianist and song writer, Sean has performed at some of Australia's biggest music festivals. Sean is a professional audio engineer, producing content for some of Australia's highest rating radio stations.

I HAVE A GO create truly homegrown Australian music for children. Recording their first album was an even bigger family affair, with Jessica Braithwaite also adding her vocals to the mix.