Teaching Ideas

Videos from I HAVE A GO are wonderful teaching resources for the classroom. Here the videos are accompanied by various teaching resources including educational principles, printable resources and teaching ideas to ignite the imaginations of young learners.

How Your Brain Works

▶ Neurons - Neuroplasticity - Science

How to Make a Neuron Buddy

▶ Neurons - Neuroplasticity - Science

The Growth Mindset Song (I HAVE A GO)

▶ Growth Mindset - Positive Learning - Self Motivation

Neuron Song (Growth Mindset and Neuroplasticity for Kids)

▶ Brain Plasticity Song - Growth Mindset - Positive Learning - Self Motivation

Thumpalina the Kangaroo Ballerina (Don't Give Up Song)

▶ Self Esteem - Resilience - Persistence in the face of setbacks

China to Australia in 60"

▶ Travel - Transport - Weather

Teaching a Growth Mindset ►
Carol Dweck

Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University

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