Can you jump, jump, jump?
Can you spin, spin, spin?
Can you shake, shake, shake?
Can you swim, swim, swim?

Can you jump really high?
Can you jump into the sky?
Can you jump up to the stars?
Or over planet Mars?


Can you spin like Thumpalina?
Or a dog chasing his tail?
Can you spin like a windmill?
When the wind is blowing a gale?


Can you shake like a maraca?
Can you shake up and down?
Can you shake everywhere?
Can you shake all around?


Can you swim like a swimmer?
Can you swim like a fish?
Can you swim like a turtle?
With a swish, swish, swish?


I love to jump, jump, jump?
I love to spin, spin, spin?
I love to shake, shake, shake?
I love to swim, swim, swim?

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