Neuron Song | Growth Mindset and Neuroplasticity for Kids
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Neuron Song


Verse 1 -
A neuron is a cell of scientific fascination,
They receive, process and transmit information,
They allow us to think, solve problems and grow,
To learn the things we thought we could never know.

Chorus -
My abilities can be developed
With dedication and effort
When I find the right strategy
The one that works best for me.

Verse 2 -
Our brains have billions of neurons in a busy constellation,
Connected by branches in a network formation,
They fire in patterns, electrically,
Creating every feeling, thought and memory.


Verse 3 -
Whenever I struggle, make mistakes and corrections,
I’m creating and strengthening my neuron connections.
Stimulating my brain and making it grow,
Making room for all the new amazing things I know.


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